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April 19th, 2005

10:02 am - Possible Friday Crack...? Maybe...?
Well guys, we haven't actually met in a while. I was wondering if maybe you guys are up for finishing scene iii on Friday? Perhaps around 10 or 11 EST. Lemme know what ya think! ^.^

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March 26th, 2005

01:22 am - Possible Saturday Crack?
I know this is short notice, but . . . since we'll probably have a lot of people on this Saturday, and since we know we won't have any visits from voice actors, do we want to try doing a scene tomorrow, maybe right after the broadcast? Would be a good night to do it.
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February 26th, 2005

12:25 am
Okay, Saturday's Hamlet is for 1000 eastern. Attend to participate. Thnaks.

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February 25th, 2005

02:29 pm - Saturday Night Crack
Our best bet for getting everyone together on such short notice is to have it tommorow before the fma episode. Everybody will be on anyway, and we can get it done before the big crowd comes in and mushes it all up. Alright, roughly how about 1100 eastern tommorow. Scene 3 act 1. I forget which one it is actually, but how does that sound for everyone, respond ASAP.

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February 24th, 2005

10:56 pm - Friday Night Crack?
Hey, are we shredding more Shakespeare tomorrow? If so, what time, and how many scenes are we doing?
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February 21st, 2005

01:40 am
Act I, Scene TwoCollapse )

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February 20th, 2005

04:21 pm
Okay, so, we'd like to do scene two tonite. Just so we can get a head on our schedule.

We're looking at doing it at about 9:30 EST due to some problems with soem schedules.

If not enough of us can make it, we'll just scrap the idea.

Sorry to spring this on you all so suddenly.

Respond immediately.

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February 19th, 2005

02:19 am - Act One, Scene One


jeva_chan = Roy, Ed, Farman, Fuhrer

sailormac = Al

samaside = Havoc, Riza, Black Hayate, Fuery

greenlion4 = ::various actions::, Hoho-papa

Toss-ups = Breda


Farman: (starting traditionally) "Who's there?" 

Breda: (silent) 

Farman: "Who's there?!" 

Breda: (points to himself) "Is it my line already?" 

Cast: (face faults)

The Royal Shakespeare Company of Amestris proudly presents:


Havoc: (grumbling) "This is stupid...whose idea is this?"

Riza: "The Fuhrer's." 

Havoc: (nearly chokes on his cigarette with Fuhrer aims a glare at him) "Um...right.. BREDA, GET YOUR LINES RIGHT!"

Farman: (coughs) "Who's there?" 

Breda: "Nah, I answer you--wait...no...Ne?"

Roy: (thwacks him with a script) "Have you even read this thing?!" 

Breda: T.T..."No..."

Ed: (groans) "F*** it! It's stupid! It's a dead-guy's play! Who the hell CARES?!" 

Everyone Else: "The FUHRER!"

::hoho-papa randomly floats around::

Ed: (glances over at the Fuhrer who has a sign that says "MUST BE KING HAMLET" on his chest) "...whoop de flippin' do..."

Random person: (pops Hoho with pin)

::Hoho EXPLODES!::

Roy: (smacks Ed with the script) "And you! Why are you on stage?!"

Ed: (shoving the script away) "Why are you, Taisa?! AND WHO'S SHORT ENOUGH TO BE TREATED LIKE AN ANNOYING INSECT?!"

Everyone: (sweatdrops)

::Al's head hops in::

Al: "Brother, this is my entrance, not yours."

Ed: (waving arms) "There are no entrances, Al! We're still trying to get the FIRST TWO LINES!" (glares at

Breda: "Ya know! this first scene is stupid anyways!" (runs

Al: "Look can we just pick it up from when I enter? We're going to get nowhere at this rate."

Havoc: "Damn it, Breda, get back here!"

Roy: (pauses and then bops Ed on the head) "That's an idea Alphonse."

Riza: "Taisa, please don't injure the actors."


Roy: (amused) "Of course not, Lt. Hawkeye." (folds script away) "That comes later."

Farman: "Do I start from my line?"

Fuery: (from light booth) "Sir, how am I supposed to do the lighting and be Marcellus?"
(crash noises as control panel begins to explode)

Al: "Okay, so you saw a ghost. Now, go!"

Roy: (looks up at Fuery) "Run really, really fast."

Farman: "G-g-GHOST!"

Roy: (twitches at the inaccuracy of the line)

Riza: (takes Breda's place in an effort to get the play back on track)
"AHEM... I think I hear them. Stand ho! Who's there?"

Farman: (is stunned at Riza's appearance) "Uh..."

Breda: "I think I see him. A piece of him." (Al's helmet rolls onstage)

Everyone: (sweatdrops)

Al: (chases after helmet) "Sorry...wardrobe malfunction."

Breda: "YES! Al's here! I can leave!" (runs away again)

Farman: (sweats) "Ah... Say, what! is Horatio there?"

Roy: (hits his own with script) "Wrong line!"

Farman: "Was it close?"

::Al runs back on stage with his helmet::

Roy: "By 500 meters!"

Al: "Tush, tush, twill but appear...um..this whole play is about butts? Nii-san, you said it wasn't anything nasty!"

Havoc: (flips through script) "Where are we again?"

Ed: "AL! You're onstage! This isn't rehearsal!"

Fuery: (trapped under lighting and sound board)

::NOW Hoho-Papa's ghost floats in::

Roy: (bops Ed again) "This is MY job, Fullmetall!"


Farman: "Uh...In the same figure, like the King that's dead!"

Al: "Is this where I'm supposed to talk to it?"

Havoc: "Erm.... Thou, art a... scholar. Speak to hit Horation."

Havoc: I got a line right!


Fuery: (groans) "Help..."

Farman: (stage whispers to Havoc) "I think you're the Norwegian Captain..."

Al: "What art thou who usurped this time of night together with that fair and warlike form in which the majesty of buried Denmark did sometimes march? By heaven, I charge thee, speak."

Havoc: "What!? I thought I was....that one guy."

Havoc: "Why do you always change these things on me!?"

Roy: "Weren't you here during the dress rehearsal!? Just keep going!"

Havoc: "Erm.... what page are we on...?"

Al: "I'm trying to talk to the ghost."

Farman: (whispers) "You say "It is offended..."

Havoc: Erm... "It is offended... Damn it Al why the hell did you offend it?"

Farman: (sweatdrops) "See, it stalks away!"

Al: "Stay! Um, sit! Roll over!"

Black Hayate: (perks ears) (sits) (stays) (rolls over)

Roy: (eyes the dog)

Riza: "Not you Black Hayate..."

Farman: "Havoc! You line!"

Havoc: Ghat! Horation! You are all... pale and... shaking. Is this not just... not real? What think you of... this... stuff?

Ed/Roy: (mouths incerduously) "Stuff?"

Havoc: "What? Is that not right?"

Farman: "That was my line."

Havoc: "Wait.... so I'm not Barnardo?"

Roy: "Stop trying to steal the spotlight!" (waves script)

Al: "Before my God, I might not this believe without the sensible and true avouch of mine own eyes."

Ed: "You're Marcellus!"

Farman: "...Havoc!"

Havoc: "Is it not the Fuhrer?"

Havoc: "I mean King."

Farman: "Hohenheim plays the dead king, Havoc! Not the Fuhrer!"

Havoc: "Don't blame me, blame the Dubs! They always call him King!"

Al: "As though art to my own armor . . . I mean, his armor . . . something about Norway and a bunch of Polish people on a sled .
. ."

Farman: "Why are you watching the dubs anyway?"

Roy: (looks as if he is facing deathrow)

Ed: (inches away) "It's your play, Taisaa~~!"

Havoc: "Because.... well.... I can't read the subtitles."

Farman: (sweatdrops) "Your line again."

[long pause]

Roy: "HAVOC!"

Ed: (goes over to help Fuery) "Looks like your the Norwegian Captain."

Havoc: "Ah.... erm... (flips pages) I think that... it is... going to ... come at us
wiht ... Weapons and stuff."

Fuery: "Thank you, Ed-kun... I'm a Captain?" (blink)

Farman: (stands there, trying not to fall over)

Ed: (taps Fuery's head with his left fist) "Not a Captain, the
NORWEGIAN Captain in the PLAY!"

Farman: "Al...I think it's your line..."

Al: "Whoa, it's a huge speech! Um, okay .. . That can I, at least the whisper goes so: our last king, whose image even now appeared to us . . . blah, blah, yaddah, yaddah . .

Fuery: "So... when do I come in?"

Farman: "I think it be no other than ever then...Um" (skips ahead) "...That was and wasn't the question of

Al: "Can we just skip to where I talk to the ghost?"

Ed: "No clue...we're not past the first scene."

::Hoho-Papa poofs in::

Roy: (vein popping on forhead) "Fine!"

[long pause] 

Al: "But soft, behold! Lo, it comes again! I'll cross it through, blast me . . . stay, illusion! If thou hast any sound or use of voice, speak to me!"

Riza: (dumps water on Roy) "Relax, sir."

::he floats around...?::

Havoc: "Psttt, he opens his arms."

Roy: (is suprised to find himself soaked before clenching his fists) "Thank you, Lieutenant..."

Farman: (whispers to Havoc) "You know that even when you don't even know what part you're playing?"
Havoc: ::shrug;: I saw the movie.

Farman: (sweatdrops)

::the rooster crows and Hoho-papa runs away, yet again::

Al: "If there be any good thing to be done that may to thee cause ease and grace to me, speak to me. If thou be privvy to -- AAACK!" (CLANG!) (the swinging Hoho-pappa runs into Al, knocking him to the ground).

Farman: (stopping Al's rolling head with his foot) "Um...Havoc?"

Havoc: "Erm... it's gone... the ghost I mean."

Farman: (nudges the helmet-head over to Al) "It was about to speak, when the cock--" (stops and checks lines) "Cock..."

Roy: "Farman!"

Al: "Cock? First butts and now cock? This play is nasty!"

Ed: "It is NOT!"

Havoc: (snicker)

Riza: (facepalm)

Farman: "When the cock...crew..." (pauses) "The crew got cocked?"

Al: "And then it started like a guilty thing upon a fearful summons. I have heard the cock, the trumpet to the moon, doth with his lofty and shrill-sounding throat . . . Cock? Throat?" (Is blushing to the extent that a suit of armor can blush)

Ed: "AL!"

Havoc: "So... if it faded when the cock... do we really have to say cock?"

Farman: (continues to nudge helmet-head over to Al, coming close to doing the splits)


Everyone: (stares)

Roy: "...oh, shuddup..." 

Havoc: "Erm... yes sir..."

Al: (grabs helmet and puts it back on backwards, he is so shaken from having to
repeatedly say "cock.")

Havoc: Anyways... something about Jesus and.... so, like, he's a fair and can't come out in the daylight.

Farman: (tries to straighten up, but it about to fall into splits) "Help..."

Roy: "A FAIR?!"

Havoc: "Wow, I didnt' know you could do that Farman!"

Havoc: "What!? That's what it says!"

Farman: (voice going higher) "Neither did I..."

Havoc: "Erm... I mean fairy..."

Roy: (holds hand out in threatening-snap-position)

Ed: "Al! Finish off the stupid scene!"

Al: (puts head on the right way) "Um, so I heard and do in part believe it . . . um, dawn in russet-clad something something . . . break the watch . . ."

Al: "Oh, can't I just say I know the ghost is going to come back and be done with it?"

Farman: (tips to the side, freed from having to do the splits) "Yes, please?"

Havoc: "Best idea I've heard all night, Metal Man."

Al: "We're not going to have to say . . . that word again in the rest of the play, are we?"

Roy: (takes a deep breath) "Okay, Al...say that much and we're done. No, you don't have to say cock."

Ed: (snerks)

Roy: (smacks Ed with script)

Havoc: (smokes)


Fuery: "So... do I come on now?"

Roy: "You're as big as one..."

Edo/Roy: (to Fuery) "NO!"

Fuery: (sobs and runs back to lighting booth)

Farman: (near to tears himself for a different reason)

Al: "This spirit, dumb to us, will speak to him. Do you consent we shall aquaint him with it, as needful in our loves, fitting our duty?"

Havoc: "Sure, let's do that."

Farman: (hits Havoc's foot) "Let him finish! Just let him finish!"

Havoc: (yelps)

Al: "Um, that is the end of the speech."

Roy: (looks at script) "I see: 'Let's do't, I pray; and I this morning know where we shall find him most
conveniently.' " (looks to everyone, who's wearing hopeful looks)

Roy: (tosses script) "Screw it. We're done."

[...end of scene?]

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February 18th, 2005

05:55 pm

The room name will be fmashakespeare.

The time will be 10:00 PM EST or 11:00 PM EST.

What do you guys think?

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February 16th, 2005

04:10 pm
Okay, so, Friday it is.


If you can't make it, that's okay. We wont hate you much. It's a good night to have it I think... no need for me to copy-paste and be in a third window (or fourth depending on the Saturday)and all is good.

See you in the room. ;-D

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